Monday, September 3, 2012

Are Structured Settlements Right for You?

Part 3 of the Structured Settlement posts, this will briefly explain why a structured settlement would be good (or not) for you.

Structured settlements are a good way to solve your financial issues as a personal injury claimants or a beneficiary of a large money claim. Other than the tax benefits and security of receiving periodic payments, structured settlements are beneficial for people who don't want to deal with investing their proceeds or who don't have the knowledge to do it correctly.

Structured settlements may be right for people who:
  • are temporarily or prematurely disabled
  • have limited financial expertise
  • are minors or unable to handle their own financial affairs
  • require savings for housing, education or other large future obligations
  • have been injured or have ongoing medical expenses

Take my money,


  1. Great post Phillippe! Recently I fell behind on some bills and I had no idea what I was going to do, that's when a friend told me that people like me should sell your structured settlement for a large lump sum of cash. After doing some research about it I found out that this was actually my best option. Thank you for sharing this with us!